Audiotapes by Rita

"Rita has a lovely speaking voice and a melodious way of luring the listener into a sense of floating towards a better self, encouraging a rediscovery of balance."
–from a review by Letitia Marquez

These audios will soon be available for sale as downloadable mp3 files.

A Visit With Rita: Nationally known talk-show host Carmen Flowers interviews Rita at Liebert Recording Studios in New York City. Rita answers questions about "creating your own reality," giving all of us a better understanding of this growing phenomenon.
A Message From the Universe (3-tape meditation series): Release the past, create your own reality and move into the future with this guided meditation set.
Rita's Theme: An instrumental tape that may be used as a complement to other tapes in Rita's series, or used on its own to relax and meditate.
Straight Talk Series: This five-tape series offers listeners opportunities to gain greater insight into themselves as they process surfacing issues and release them. Available as a set or individually -- see below for individual prices.
Straight Talk Series Tape 1: Living Without Fear
Straight Talk Series Tape 2: Meeting Yourself
Straight Talk Series Tape 3: Being Yourself
Straight Talk Series Tape 4: Together As One
Straight Talk Series Tape 5: Dancing in the Future

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Rita conducts private online and phone readings by appointment only. Rita will email or call you to work out a time to schedule your reading after payment has been received.

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10-minute readings, in which Rita will speak to your animal companion, are available for $15.00.
Readings are available online, by phone, or in person.
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