Recent Press

"Channeling Edward," article by Sam Bennett on my animal readings given at Bone-Jour GourMutt Bakery, published in the Lake Oswego Review, Dec. 13, 2007

"Conscious Media: The Revolution for Your Mind", an article published in the November-December 2007 issue of New Connexion Magazine, contains an interview with me.

Responses to the Daily Affirmations:

"The affirmations set the tone and thoughts for my day." —C.E. in New York

"Your words have given me much comfort and I bless and thank you both…The positive thoughts that are a result of your affirmations are on my walls cause I print them out in large letters and hang them up. When I read them they build me up and so my existence has been enhanced by your efforts." —C. in New York

"Thanks always and always for these meaningful messages. I say them aloud and renew." —L.C. in New York

"Your affirmations are keeping me calm and fearless. I was so frightened for so long and then when you started doing the affirmations…it is very comforting and I think they are the reason I am not as frightened as I used to be." —C. in New York

Reviews of TV Shows and Audiotapes:

Review of "Wise Woman Way" and "Wake Up in Your Dream" by David Freeland for New Life, America's Holistic Magazine

Review of "Wise Woman Way" and "Wake Up in Your Dream" by Gershom S.

Review of Rita's audiotape, "Meeting Yourself: Healing Shame and Accepting Love," by Letitia Marquez

Accolades from participants in Rita & Sutton's
"Wake Up to Who You Are" workshop series:

Thank You! Last night and this morning, so many things came up for release and then affirmations followed. I feel such a spaciousness in my chest right now. You all provided an accepting place for sharing a new creation."
—D. Horne, Little Rock, AR

A miracle! Just another one in a row which I've become aware of since I created you guys in my life. All the love I feel for myself I send to you as gratitude for the unique gifts I am receiving.
—E. Karuna, Springer, NC

The workshop for me was a time of intense growth, a gift to myself that allowed me to put negative thought patterns and beliefs behind, to see myself in a new light, to experience a re-birth in almost every aspect of my being. Through caring, love and insight you both help guide me to my new beginning. You have a great gift for helping one realize the power they possess and how to experience one's love for one's self. Thank you.
—D. Cruz, Houston, TX