Rita's Audiotape
"Meeting Yourself—Healing Shame and Accepting Love"

Reviewed by Letitia Marquez

Meeting Yourself, part of Rita's "Straight Talk" series, guides the listener on the first steps of an inner journey designed to encourage a desire to learn, to provide important tools for better understanding one's self and one's motivations, and to aid in the process of removing the negative barriers that have been constructed.

The "Straight Talk" series offers the listener an opportunity to gain greater insight into themselves as he/she processes surfacing issues and releases them. The tapes are easy to listen to while engaged in other activities. However, do not use them while you are driving or require full concentration, as they do put you in an altered state.

Rita has a lovely speaking voice and a melodious way of luring the listener into a sense of floating towards a better self, encouraging a rediscovery of balance. Meeting Yourself is intended to act as a catalyst to enable the listener to let go of deep negative feelings that have been casting their influence from the subconscious mind. It offers ways to identify thoughts that are sabotaging a more purposeful existence and promotes a deep sense of positivity and an enthusiasm for the future.

Related to Meeting Yourself is the three-part cassette workshop called Message From the Universe, which also helps listeners to release the past, create their own reality, and bring them into a very deep altered state.

So you won't wreck your car while listening to these tapes while commuting, there is a tape, Rita's Theme, which allows the listener to heal and process without going into a meditative state. It can be listened to anytime, anywhere. After listening to the tape, one gets a feeling of at last being able to embrace one's destiny. This tape is about learning truly how to love and live. This reviewer is looking forward to using them all.