Standing on the Verge of Freedom

We are all making a choice to reclaim freedom or to give it away

With freedom comes new depths of dignity, intensity, and spirit persuading us to alter the very stuff of reality creation: raw materials, tools, and generating/sustaining energies. The allure of freedom can entice us to sharpen and hone our tools of creation. Yes, freedom is seductive, changing the observing and measuring devices. It can change our world; we ourselves can change. Freedom, just the word intrigues us. It's powerful, no quest has been more powerful. We can harness that energy and consciously use its power.

Lets take this giant step from having freedom to being free!

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Are you Feeling "Stuck"?
Intuitive Life Coaching Can Break Through the Blockage.

Based on the principles of "creating your own reality"your Higher Self is channeled through 'Rita' bringing insight into areas of your life that need attention so as to allow you more freedom and accelerated growth. My intent as a conscious channel is that the subject of the reading get what they need with "unconditional love, without motive or attachment, for the divine good of all". My belief that we are all connected to a Universal All That Is, Godesalthi—God, Goddess, All That Is . . . . and, the way that we communicate with Godesalthi is through our thoughts, feelings and beliefs is the foundation of my work. Society has been taught to believe that "reality" happens and that we are victims of circumstance, luck, genes, etc. etc. etc. This is not true, the truth is we create it all by the way we think.

A one-on-one consultation is a "jump start" and can help you identify the thoughts, feelings and beliefs you hold that keep blockages and patterns in place. During this session I will guide you through a relaxing visualization that will alter the choices, decisions and attitudes you hold thereby bringing relief and change at an accelerated and exponential pace.

Want to schedule a coaching session? Do you have questions about what coaching can do for you? Or are you interested in having Rita speak or give a workshop for your group?

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