Affirmations are positive statements that something is already so. Say them to yourself, write them in your journal, chant them while meditating—use them whenever and however you need them. Here are some topics with suggested affirmations, but feel free to create your own to match your personal needs.


Here are some general affirmations to start you off
with the power of positive thinking and visualization.

I love and approve of myself.

I am a channel of Spirit.

I have a valuable purpose to serve in this world.

I let go of all doubt, confusion, and inner conflict.

All is well in my world right here and right now.

I am safe and protected.

I am guided and led.

I know that whatever I need in order to be happy and fulfilled is already mine.

I accept it gratefully as I am guided and directed by the love within.

I follow through on what I am led to do.

The universe is a place of order and balance.

My surroundings reflect order and balance.

I have the strength and vitality to accomplish all of my goals.

Now is the appointed time. Today is the day of my amazing good fortune.

And so it is.


I believe that relationships are the most important area of our lives. This includes our relationship with self. Here are some affirmations for finding peace within all your relationships:

I love and approve of myself.

I have only kind and loving thoughts for myself and others.

I am grateful for love in my life.

I accept loving, harmonious relationships everywhere in my life.

Love actively resides in all my interactions with others.

Perfect love nourishes me always.

Someone somewhere is looking for exactly what I have to offer.

Divine Guidance is now bringing us together.

And so it is.


Perfect health includes not only physical functioning but harmony, wisdom, a sense of well-being and peace. It also includes our emotional health. Here are some affirmations for health and healing:

I am a powerful being of light.

I allow myself to be divinely guided as I make right decisions for my health.

I am guided from within to make healthy food choices for myself.

I choose foods that are satisfying and good for my body.

My body responds with strength, health and beauty.

I give thanks for my inner guidance and the good judgment to choose wisely.

Every part of my body is working exactly as it is supposed to.

I give thanks for every beat of my heart.

My body has a natural ability to heal.

I love and appreciate my body.

I am grateful for my senses.

And so it is.


Abundance is usually construed to mean financial riches, but it can also mean an abundance of acceptance, love and opportunities. It is important to realize that money is energy and that the right energy can attract money like a magnet. Here are some affirmations for drawing on the abundance that surrounds us all:

I do have a source of financial flow.

Today is the day of my amazing good fortune.

I happily see every bill paid now.

I joyfully see every obligation met now.

I am boundless abundance in radiant expression.

I am bountifully supplied with money.

I now realize my plan for abundant living.

I accept all the joy and prosperity life has to offer.

Financial success comes to me easily and effortlessly.

Every day I am growing more financially prosperous.

And so it is.


Most people work to live, rather than living to work. Is there any reason you should not enjoy your job—every bit of it? Here are some affirmations for finding the perfect job and maintaining a happy workplace.

The perfect job is opening to me.

I am able to be joyous and be of service.

There is a divine path available for my work.

I work at a job that I truly enjoy doing.

I work at a job that uses my talents and abilities.

I work with and for people that I love and that love me.

And so it is.